Al Fares

Al Fares

Al Fares

Our Flagship Brand “Al Fares” is known for the highest quality ingredients in the spices, A1 grade Rice, Oils, Pulses, Sugar and many more items.

“Al Madina” Brand has a similar range of products plus our well known Whole and Boneless Chicken part carries the same name.

Similarly, our other Brands includes “ANTAKIYA”, “PISTACHIO”, and “AL JANNAH”.

We carry almost complete range in all kinds of Grain, Rice, Dry Vegetables, Chilled and Frozen Halal meat and beef.

With 3 food processing sites of our own, we deliver the most hygienic fresh products on daily basis. Apart from own brands we cater for some of the big supermarket chain with there own Private Labels.

We always welcome our new partners to share our prosperity; either you are a supplier or institutional buyer.

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