Sitra meat

sitra meat

Sitra meat

Sitra Meat Co. Spc established in 1981 in kingdom of Bahrain. The leader of importing fresh and frozen meats, and quickly became one of locally principal meat trading companies. Our business was founded on importing fresh meats from Australia and Pakistan, including lamb and beef. Then, we expanded and transformed it to an open meats factory to produce chicken, burger, kabab, zinger, fillet, etc…

Today Sitra Meat co. Spc has grown expansively. To meet the needs of

an ever-increasing customer base. We have become the trusted supplier to all customers of meat products local market wide, including, hotels,

wholesalers, restaurants, distributors and major supermarket.

Understanding the customer’s requirements has been the key to our success. That’s why we decided to get more involved to facilitate the wider customer response to the use accurate product descriptions in international trade.

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