Eden Foods is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America, and the largest remaining independent manufacturer of dry grocery, organic food. We are the major purveyor of Japanese traditional, macrobiotic foods.

Over 94% of Eden foods are sold in natural food stores, co-ops, and supermarkets via traditional natural and grocery distribution channels. Web site, employee, and wholesale sales make up the remainder.

Our two warehouses handle all the food we distribute - Clinton, Michigan or Fremont, California.

Recent building expansions were designed, constructed, and operate following our commitment to harmonious growth and follow ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) principles. 80% recycled steel locally forged was used, LED lights, insulation, native flora, and good-neighbor landscaping respect our very close residential neighbors. This warehouse meets a gold LEED certification level, the second highest possible rating.

Eden tracks the environmental impact of its food upstream from suppliers, through company operations, and downstream, monitoring all its social impacts. Energy efficiency and waste avoidance are tracked using custom in-house tools.

In 2009 Eden Foods was selected as the best food company in the world, and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide. They honored Eden Foods' admirable record in social and environmental responsibilities. The company earned A+ and A ratings in ten food categories. This is further explained at edenfoods.com/betterworld.

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