We’ve been a part of Kiwi families’ lives since 1934. By helping Mum make meals that satisfy the family’s tastebuds, as well as their daily nutritional requirements we’ve been creating Kiwi favourites that have become staples in New Zealand households, and delivered to New Zealand, and the world, innovation through healthy food, packaging and environmental considerations.

That’s why Kiwis keep coming back for more and stocking their pantries, fridges and freezers with Wattie’s products – from soups, frozen and packaged fruit and vegetables and baked beans, to sauces, spaghetti, burgers, infant and toddler foods, cooking sauces, seafood, jams, dressings, simple tasty meal solutions and even pet foods.

We also supply the hospitality industry so that Wattie’s fans can also enjoy our products when they’re out and about. Some of the foodservice products we supply our hospitality clients are Wattie’s sauces, soups, curry bases, packaged fruit and vegetables, baked beans, dressings, jams, and seafood.

In addition to the foods we produce under the Wattie’s brand, Heinz Wattie’s also supplies products under a number of other well-known brand names such as Heinz®, Craig's®, Farex®, Eta®, Oak®, Good Taste Company™, Greenseas®, Complan®, Chef®and Champ®.

With so many products, and such loved brands, it’s easy to see how Wattie’s has made its mark on New Zealand and the world. It’s all good!

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